Anonymous papyrus – Cairo 113

Provenance: probably from Bab el Gasus, see Niwinski page 56

A fascinating and finely detailed papyrus that could only have belonged to someone from the highest circles. So far, I don’t think anyone has made an attempt to study and describe this extraordinary work. Should you feel like it, I have a full image available of high quality on which all the texts are clearly legible. So as a study assignment or hobby, this is a nice challenge

BA S.R.VII.11491, Cairo 113 – upstairs, room 24

Amduat papyrus Cairo 113

Amduat papyrus, length 435 cm, height 45 cm
Because it is unusual for a papyrus of this length to also have this height of 45 cm, I made the projection higher than the other papyri on the site so that the very fine and precisely drawn details are clearly visible
BA S.R.VII.11491, Cairo 113, Type A.II.1a Niwinski
Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)