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In February, I found the second shabti coffin of the Third Intermediate High priest Pinedjem I in the Mummification Museum in Luxor. I was surprised that it was completely different from the one in Cairo. The size looks similar but this one has 3 compartments, the one in Cairo 2. The beautiful decoration is also different.

I estimated the size of the boxes, but they might differ from my compilation. The vertical stroke below right in front of the side panel is part of the cabinet and the left panel is mirrored.

Backside shabtibox Pinedjem I in the Mummification Museum of Luxor

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Released today a superb catalogue of the shabtis in the Liverpool Museum by Glenn Janes, see example. The photos are life-size and of excellent quality. The references, written details and translation of hieroglyphs are outstanding. A ‘must have’ for museums, antiquities dealers and collectors of ancient Egyptian artifacts. See www.shabtis.com

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Shabti of Hat JE39590, Adjutant reign of Akhenaton, before and after the robbery at the Cairo Museum

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Thanks to courtesy of a Dutch collector a photo is added of the only known complete specimen of 26th Dynasty King Ahmose II

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Dr. Bron Lipkin’s site added with information about fakes. Spanish site of Moises Gonzalez Sucías added with loads of information.

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Picture Overseer 2 of Isetemkheb D added
This photo completes the Royal Cache overview
Photo courtesy of GJ

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Picture Nesykhonsu A, worker 3 added. Smaller broad specimen with necklace and bracelet
Photo courtesy of GJ

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Wax funerary figure with golden mask added

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Good photo pharaoh Piye (Phianky, 25th Dyn) added from the Cairo Museum 12-2015

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Renewed to offer an easy comprehensive overview

Launching www.ushabtis.com from Cairo with a view on the old Cairo Museum
December 14 at 4 pm