Anonymous papyrus – Cairo 72

Provenance: probably from Bab el Gasus, see Niwinski page 56
See Piankoff and Rambova 1957, pg. 194-200

Introduction to this papyrus by Piankoff and Rambova:
“This important papyrus painted in black and red, depicts and describes the journey of the sun god on his circuit. The end of the composition, similar to the final scene of the papyrus of Bak-en-Mut (Cairo) represents the horizon from which
emerge the head and arms of a divinity holding a disk. This representation, however, as it depicts sunset rather than sunrise, is placed at the left and not at the right as in the usual Am-Duat papyri.”

Amduat papyrus Cairo 72

Amduat papyrus, length 165 cm, height 24 cm (Piankoff 179 cm – 23 cm)
BA S.R.VII.10235 – JE 34000, Cairo 72, Type A.III.2a Niwinski
See Mythological Papyri 1957, Piankoff and Rambova Plate 28, for description see page 194-200
Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)