Anonymous papyrus – Turin 17

Probably from Thebes, 21th Dynasty, acquisition in 1824

This papyrus presents scenes from the Amduat’s Eleventh and Twelfth Hours

The treatise’s structure consists of three horizontal registers juxtaposing different episodes through conceptual and symbolic processes

The top and middle registers feature a predominantly apotropaic characteristic presenting the Punishment of the Damned (Eleventh Hour)

The middle register also represents The Solar Boat (Twelfth Hour) transporting a beetle, Khepri, inside the solar disk of the Ax.t sign. The Sun-god Re’s renewed form is placed between two wedjat-eyes, a well-known iconography probably referring to the Book of the Dead chapter 102 or 136

The bottom register presents the other two scenes from the Twelfth Hour: The Twelve Gods of Tow and The Snake of Rejuvenation (source Museo Egizio Papyri, research Enrico Pozzi, Shenali Boange)

Anonymous Amduat papyrus

Length 27.5 cm, height 22.5 cm
BD 1788, Turin 17, Type BA.III.2a Niwinski
See Museo Egizio for additional info
Photo website Museo Egizio and panorama view VB 2022