Boulaq 7

Papyrus no. 7 is a collection of prayers that should be addressed at each hour of the night and to each of the deities protecting these hours for the health of the king and the removal of the evils that could affect him. The twelve deities are represented at the end of the papyrus. Below the table are the recipes to be used to be used for the manufacture of talismans. It is not impossible that we have in Papyrus No. 7 one of the books that were kept in the libraries of the temples and whose knowledge was essential to the priests of a certain order. Source: Auguste Mariette, 1871

Cairo Museum, upstairs, room 51

Boulaq Papyrus No. 7, room 51, C

Length ? cm, height ? cm
See Les papyrus égyptiens du Musée de Boulaq (Band 1), Auguste Mariette, 1871
Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)