Anonymous papyrus for Herytubekhet – Cairo 17

Herytubekhet– Hryt-wbxt (Sadek) or Ankhefenkhonsu– anxf-n-xnsw (A. 108 Niwinski)
Most likely Daressy A.133 – Shabtis Bab el Gasus
Also known as Heroubekht, Herouben, Harweben, Herytuben, Heroub, Herubechet, Heruben. Ranke I, pg. 253, 6, Ranke II, pg. 379. The name means poetically translated ‘Luminous firmament (the vault of the heavens)’, Aubert pg. 82. She is named Harweben in Aston, Herytuben by Prof. Niwinski and Heroub by Brunton & Guēraud
Daughter of Isetemkhebit D (Royal Cache) and granddaughter of HPA Menkherrere A

On a number of papyri at the Cairo Museum, an old small stamp sized sticker has been affixed to the top right of the frame with the text ‘Pap’ and a number on it. These numbers were used to link the papyri to a Daressy number. Unfortunately, it is not always clear whether it is an A. or B. number

The A. as far as I have seen is never put in front of the number and in some cases, e.g. Asty (A.66), there is a B. written on the sticker, in that case B.90. But it is also sometimes forgotten, e.g. at papyrus B.134 of Dd-mAat-iws-anx (A.109)

So this is confusing and it can happen that an anonymous papyrus is linked to the wrong person. Perhaps also in this case by Niwinski, who links this papyrus to B.133 of anx-f-n-xnsw (=A.108) instead of A.133 of Hryt-wbxt. Sadek links this papyrus to A.133 and I follow him because there is no B on the sticker and because he assumes that Daressy has seen only 1 scroll which eventually turned out to consist of 3 papyri of equal height 23.5 cm

Here are some examples, the three on the left are Daressy A.numbers and the three on the right are Daressy B.numbers whereby the latter does not have the B. written on it

BA S.R.IV.554 = JE 95656, Cairo 17, upstairs, room 29

Amdouat papyrus for Herytubekhet

Amduat papyrus for Herytubekhet, length 147 cm, height 23.5 cm
BA S.R.IV.554 = JE 95656 (anonymous), Cairo 17, Type: A.II.1a
See Contribution à l’étude de l’Amdouat, attribution to Herytubekhet by Sadek 1985, C5 Planche 11. See for description see page 104-105
Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)