Notes to information on this site

In order to present a good overview, I have also made use of photos available on the Internet or in other publications. Where possible, I have tried to mention the most likely source or photographer. However, if publication here is undesired or incorrect, please let me know and I will endeavour to make the necessary changes

Photos marked with initials ‘VB’ are freely available for non-commercial use

The base language of the site is English. The translation feature in the menu, will translate the majority of the content into a number of different languages. Please be aware that this is a machine translation

For datings and descriptions I am indebted to the unequalled oeuvres of Petrie, Aubert & Aubert, Schneider, Janes, Schlögl and many others. In a number of cases my findings on this site may differ due to recent research, new discoveries or my own interpretation

Please allow for a considerable margin of error regarding the dating of pieces that are not related to royal persons. Also bear in mind that shabtis were often created while their owners were still alive, and not necessarily after they had passed away