Henuttawy A papyrus – Cairo 36

Henuttawy A – Hnwt-tAwy – Royal Cache
Also known as Henouttaouy, Henuttaui, Henettawy
Ranke I, pg. 244, 12
The name means ‘The lady of the Two Lands’

It is assumed that Henuttawy is a daughter of Ramses XI, the last king of the 20th dynasty. She becomes Pinedjem I’s first wife, has many titles and plays an important role at court. Originally she has her own tomb in an unknown location, and before she is interred in the secret cachette her mummy boxes are stripped of the gold that covered them. Wiki

Book of the Dead papyrus for Henuttawy A

Book of Dead for Henuttawy A, Length 367 cm, Height 45.5 cm
BD S.R.IV.955 – JE 95856 – CG 40005, Cairo 36, Boulaq 22, Type: BD.II.1 Niwinski
See Papyrus Egyptiens de Musee de Boulaq by Auguste Mariette, Boulaq 22, 1876
See also Analecta Papyrologica by Moamen Othman, Ahmed Tarek and Mohamed Abdelrohman
Photo’s from facsimile Mariette 1876 and panorama view VB 2022