Maatkara papyrus – Cairo 43

Maatkara – mAat-kA-ra – Royal Cache
Also known as Maatkare, Makeri, Mutemhat, Mutemhet, Kamara
Period c. 1070 to 1032 BC

Ranke I, pg. 145, 7

Maatkara was the eldest daughter of Pinedjem I and Henuttawy A and became the most powerful woman in the south of Egypt. Her position was equal to that of the high priest of Amon. Maatkare received the title of ‘Divine Adoratrice’: God’s Wife of Amun.

Her original burial place is unknown; her mummy was found in the Royal Cache cache along with her coffins, shabtis and other mummies from her immediate family. A small mummy, originally thought to be a child of hers was later revealed to be that of a pet monkey. (God’s Wives were supposed to be celibate.)

Fragment BD S.R.IV.980 – JE 26229, Cairo 43

Book of the Dead papyrus for Maatkara B/W

Book of Dead for Maatkara, Length 612 cm, Height ? cm
BD S.R.IV.980 – JE 26229, Cairo 43, Type: BD.II.1 Niwinski
See Le Papyrus hiéroglyphique de Kamara
Photos: Publication Edouard Naville, 1912
Panorama view VB 2022