Nesykhonsu papyrus – Cairo 109

Nesykhonsu – nsy-xnsw – Royal Cache
Also known as Neskhons, Nesikhons, Nesikhonsu, Nesikhonsou, Neschons, Nesi-Khensu, Eskhons
Ranke I, pg. 178, 20
The name means ‘The one who belongs to Khonsu’

First head-woman of the secluded women of Amen-Ra, the King of the gods, Chief lady of the Temple of Khensu-em-Uast, Nefer-hetep, Priestess of Amen-Ra, Lord of Aarut, Priestess of Nekhebet the White, of Nekhen, Priestess of Osiris, Horus, and Isis in Abydos, Priestess of Hathor, Lady of Cusae, Divine Mother of Khensu-pa-khart, Chief woman of Amen-Ra, the King of the gods, President (Chief) of the noble women. Wallis Budge, 1912

Niece and second wife of Pinedjem II, mother of Nestanebetisheru. She was the daughter of the lady Takhentdjehuti and of Nesbanebdjed II (Smendes II) the son of the priest-king Menkheperre. Her coffins, most likely originally made for Isetemkheb D, were already stripped of their gold coverings in ancient times, and her heart scarab was stolen by the Abd-el-Rassul family, but it was recovered and taken to the British Museum.

The burial can be dated to c. 981 B.C., Aston pg. 229

Book of the Dead papyrus for Nesykhonsu B/W

Book of Dead for Nesykhonsu, Length 690 cm, Height 44 cm
BD S.R.VII.11573 – S.R.VII.11485 – JE 26230, Cairo 109, Type: BD.II.2 Niwinski
See Le Papyrus hiéroglyphique de Kamara et Le Papyrus hiératique de Nesikhonsou
Photos: Publication Edouard Naville, 1912
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