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Pinedjem II papyrus – Cairo 114

Pinedjem II – pAy-nDmRoyal Cache (Niwinski)
Also known as Paynedjem, Pajnedjem, Pinezem, Pinudjem, Panedjem
Period c. 990 – 969 BC

Ranke I, pg. 114, 10

The papyrus is attributed to Pinedjem I by Sadek, see Sadek page 227-228. Niwinski connects this papyrus to Pinedjem II and a different coffin. His note on page 177, ‘Sadek, op. cit., pp.227 and 344 mistakenly attributes this papyrus to the HP Pinudjem I’

Pinedjem II was the son of Menkheppera, grandson of Pinedjem I and married to his sister Isetemkheb D and his niece Nesykhonsu. His brother Tjanefer was burried in the Bab el Gasus Cache.

BA S.R.VII.11492, Cairo 114
Numbers in Sadek ‘Musee du Caire, 11 et 4761’, upstairs, room 24

Amduat papyrus for Pinedjem II

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Amduat papyrus for Pinedjem II (or Pinedjem I, Sadek), Length 480 cm, height 32 cm. View in full screen
BA S.R.VII.11492, Cairo 114, Type: A.II.1a
Numbers in Sadek ‘Musee du Caire, 11 et 4761’
Contribution à l’étude de l’Amdouat, Sadek 1985, C33 – 3 fragments on Planche 48, for short description see page 227-228, attributed to Pinedjem I (Niwinski attributed this papyrus to Pinedjem II and coffin JE 26197, see note 19 page 177)
Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)