Sources of inspiring papyrus information

Studies on the illustrated Theban Funerary Papyri of the 11th and 10th Centuries B.C. by Prof. Andrzej Niwinski, 1989
– another amazing work from this author. In my overview I have taken the liberty of showing the notes from his publication to quickly get a complete overview of the papyri that can be attributed to a shabti

Contribution à l’étude de l’Amdouat: Les variantes tardives du Livre de l’Amdouat dans les papyrus du Musée du Caire by Sadek, Abdel-Aziz Fahmy 1985
– extensive reference publication of the Amdouat papyri in Cairo

Mythological papyri, by Alexandre Piankoff and Natacha Rambova, 1957
– this well written publication includes the complete photographic recording important mythological papyri (many from Bab el Gasus), and miscellaneous cosmological texts and symbolical representations. The series includes, where possible, the full translation of texts

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Schott (1897-1971) photo archive
Ancient Egyptian Monuments and Antiquities in Photographs of the Early 20th Century

Museo Egizio – The Turin Papyrus Online Platform
This website features papyri from the Old Kingdom to the Ptolemaic period and offers excellent research, documentation and photographs that often include showing a papyrus in high resolution in its full length