Amenhatpamecha papyrus – Cairo 67

Amenhatpamecha – imn-HAt-pA-mSa
Daressy A.124 – Shabtis Bab el Gasus
Also known as Amenemhatpamecha, Amenhatpamesha, Amenemhet, Imenhatpamecha, Amumemhatpamescha
Ranke I, pg. 28, 10, Ranke II, pg. 340, 28.10
The name means ‘Amen is at the front of his army’, ‘Amen is the commander/chief of the army’

God’s father of Amen and Chief of the Shield Bearers
See Shabtis Bab el Gasus for other papyri of this owner

Son of Ankhefenmut (Daressy A.16, no shabtis, not in this overview)

BD S.R.VII.10230, Cairo 67 – staircase, room 1

Book of the Dead papyrus for Amenhatpamecha

Book of the Dead for Amenhatpamecha, length 245 cm, height 23 cm
BD S.R.VII.10230, Cairo 67, Type BD.III.1a Niwinski
See Niwinski Studies on the illustrated Theban Funerary Papyri 1989 plate 26a, 26-28
Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)