Amenhotep papyrus – Cairo 9

Amenhotep– imn-Htp
Daressy A.39 – Shabtis Bab el Gasus
Also known as Imenhotep, Imenipet, Amenhetep, Amunemhotep
Ranke I, pg. 30, 12, Ranke II, pg. 341
The name means ‘Amen is merciful’

God’s father of Amen-Re, the king of the gods, Scribe of the army recruits, Wab-priest of Mut in the temple of Amen

BD S.R.IV.543 = JE 95646, Cairo 9, upstairs, room 29

Book of the Dead papyrus for Amenhotep

Book of the Dead for Amenhotep, length 142 cm, height 24 cm
BD S.R.IV.543 = JE 95646, Cairo 9, Type BD.II.1 Niwinski
Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)