Ankhesenaset papyrus – Paris 5

Ankhesenaset – anxs-n-Ast
Ranke I, pg. 67, 17
The name means ‘She lives for Isis’
Provenance: unknown
The papyrus was originally kept in the Cabinet des Médailles and was transferred to the Département des Manuscrits in 1856
Late 21st Dynasty

Mistress of the house, Chantress of Amen, Musician of the choir of Mut?

For a detailed description of the papyrus, sequence of frames and chapters see here

Book of the Dead papyrus for Ankhesenaset

Length c. 435 cm, height c. 24 cm
The papyrus is cut into pieces and not all sheets are the same height because those were cropped for mounting in the frames. Some sheets are missing at the end and possibly the total length was around 5 metres
BD BnF 62-88, Paris 5, Type BD.II.2 Niwinski
Bibliothèque nationale de France. Département des Manuscrits. Egyptien 62-88
Composed of photos of BnF Gallica
Panorama view VB 2023