Djedkhonsuiuefankh papyrus – Cairo 120

Djedkhonsuiufankh Dd-xnsw-iwf-anx
Daressy A.141 – Shabtis Bab el Gasus
Also known as Djedkhonsouioufankh, Djedkhonsefankh, Djedkhonsuiufankh
Ranke I, pg. 412, 4
The name means ‘Khonsu has said, he will live’

God’s father of Amen-Re, the king of the gods, Steward, Overseer of the double Granary, Chief scribe of Amen-Re

Son of Shedsuhor (Niwinski pg. 142)

Amduat papyrus for Djedkhonsuiuefankh A.141

Amduat papyrus for Djedkhonsuiuefankh, length 615 cm, height 28 cm
BA S.R.VII.11498 =, Cairo 120, Type A.II.3 Niwinski
See Contribution à l’étude de l’Amdouat, Sadek 1985, C28 Planche 39-41, for description see page 196-208
Very difficult to take clear pictures due to the high spot where the papyrus is displayed and therefore additional reflections plus distortions due to the different angles at which the pictures were taken. This results in a blurred projection and more than usual deviation in straight lines.
Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)