Djedkhonsuiuesankh papyrus – Paris 34

Djedkhonsuiuesankh – Dd-xnsw-iws-anx
Provenance unknown, discovered 1827 or earlier
Late 21st Dynasty c. 950 BC
Ranke I, pg. 410, 16, Ranke II, pg. 341
The name means ‘Khonsu has said, she will live’

Chantress of Amen

Book of the Dead papyrus for Djedkhonsuiuesankh

Length 223 cm, height c. 31 cm
BD N.3280, Paris 34, Type BD.I.2 Niwinski
The photos of the first frame (right) I took myself, the photo of the second frame (left) is from the Louvre
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Panorama view VB 2023