Djedptahiufankh papyrus – Cairo 83

Djedptahiufankh – Dd-ptaH-iwf-anxRoyal Cache
Also known as Djedptahiwfankh, Djedptahioufankh, Zadptahefonkhou
Period c. 969 to 932 BC.
The burial can be dated to c. 932 BC (Aston pg. 231)
Ranke I, pg. 410, 11

The name means ‘Ptah has spoken and he lives’

Djedptahiufankh is only known from his burial and mummy. He held the title of “Second prophet of Amen”, District Governor as well as “King’s Son of Ramesses” and “King’s Son of the Lord of the Two Lands”. The latter may suggest that he was related to the royal family of possibly the 21st Dynasty or 22nd Dynasty

Djedptahiufankh is assumed to be Nestanebetisheru’s husband. This theory is based on the fact that Djedptahiufankh was buried next to Nesitanebetashru in DB320

BA S.R.VII.10246, Cairo 83, staircase, room 5

Amduat papyrus for Djedptahiufankh

Amduat papyrus for Djedptahiufankh, length 284 cm, height 23 cm
BA S.R.VII.10246, Cairo 83, Type A.II.1a Niwinski
Contribution à l’étude de l’Amdouat, see Sadek 1985, C6 Planche 12-13, for description see page 106-110

Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)