Papyrus Djoser – SR 551/4 – JE 95653

Also known as Djeser, Zoser
Period: Ptolemaic period

Although the display of this papyrus also mentions the name ‘Zoser’, I cannot confirm that this is correct. The name is partially illegible due to a black smudge, and I am unable to deduce the name from the remaining hieroglyphs. In fact, I have the feeling that the owner has a different name. On the Internet I unfortunately do not get much further. So if anyone has a suggestion, please let me know

BD SR 551/4 – JE 95653 – Cairo Museum, room 29

Book of the Dead papyrus Djoser

Length ? cm, height ? cm
BD SR 551/4 – JE 95653
Photo and panorama view VB 2021/2022 (quality remarks)