Papyrus for Henuttawy – BM EA10018

Henuttawy – Hnwt-tAwy
Also known as Henouttaouy, Henuttaui, Henettawy
Acquisition date 1861
Late 21st Dynasty
Ranke I, pg. 244, 12
The name means ‘The lady of the Two Lands’

Mistress of the House, Chantress of Amun

Daughter of Ankhesenmut and Hor and granddaughter of Menkheperre (Niwinski)

Book of the Dead or/and Amduat papyrus for Henuttawy

The Brtitish Museum houses the papyrus in 2 frames
Total length 129 cm, height 23 cm
BA BM EA 10018, London 36, Type BA.III.2a Niwinski

To me, it is not certain that the two parts belong together. If you see them independently in the frames, you might think they fit together, but if you put them side by side in the right proportion (they are both about 23 cm high) you will see that it is not right. Also, unfortunately, the left part contains no reference to the owner. It is possible that both pieces were written by the same writer, but clearly they cannot be directly joined together. See 10018-1 and 10018-2

See also Virginia Museum in Richmond USA for this lady

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BM EA10018-1