Papyrus Amenkhau – Turin 18

Amenkhau imn-xaw
Ranke I, pg. 30, 19
Probably from Thebes, 21th Dynasty, acquisition in 1824
His name means ‘Amen has appeared’

Wab-priest of Amen, Business (commercial) agent of the temple of Amen (see The Bankes Late Ramesside Papyri, Robert J.Demarée, pg. 8)

This papyrus presents scenes from the Amduat’s Twelfth Hour and the Books of the Earth. On the manuscript’s right-hand side the deceased’s name and title are identified in the so-called etiquette

The treatise’s structure consists of a single horizontal register. From left to right it describes the Netherworld’s reality through a multimodal composition of visual and linguistic signs

From the manuscript’s left-hand side, the scribe presents the following scenes: The Aker Group 7 (Books of the Earth), The Aker Group 6 (Books of the Earth), The Solar Boat (Amdaut, Twelfth Hour), The Twelve Gods of Tow (Amdaut, Twelfth Hour), The Snake of Rejuvenation (Amdaut, Twelfth Hour), The Thirteen Goddesses of Tow (Amdaut, Twelfth Hour) and Khepri and Shu (Amdaut, Twelfth Hour)

The scribe then inserted two hieratic pages with the deceased’s name, Imenkhau (Amenkhau), and titles on the manuscript’s right-hand side

This manuscript is also known as “Patchwork Papyrus” because of fragments of various other manuscripts dating to the Ramesside period being used as patches on the verso of the funerary papyrus (source Museo Egizio Papyri, research Enrico Pozzi, Shenali Boange)

Amduat papyrus for Amenkhau

Length 124 cm, height 12.5 cm
BD 1789, Turin 18, Type BA.III.2b Niwinski
See Museo Egizio for additional info
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