Meshasebeq papyrus – Turin 2

Meshasebeq mSa-sbq
Probably from Thebes, 21th Dynasty, acquisition in 1824
Ranke I, pg. 166, 3

Mistress of the house, Chantress of Amen

Amduat papyrus for Meshasebeq

Book of the Dead, Amduat
Length 174 cm, height 16,5 cm
BA 1769, Turin 2, Type BA.III.1a Niwinski
See Museo Egizio for additional info
Photo website Museo Egizio and panorama view VB 2022

On this fragment of the papyrus she is displayed on the right-hand side offering her heart in adoration to a god in the form of a snake. To the left follows an image of her heart painted in white with ten lines of a spell. In this text Meshasebeq asks her heart not to lie about her actions in life, to be allowed passage into the netherworld. To the left of this scene a female goddess is kneeling in an adoring pose, the four sons of Horus and the god Thoth in the form of a baboon are seated behind her (source Museo Egizio)