Mutregh (Mutrudj) papyrus – Turin 16

Mutrudj mwt-r(w)D
Probably from Thebes, 21th Dynasty, acquisition in 1824

Mistress of the House, Chantress of Amen-Re

This papyrus presents presents scenes from the Amduat Eleventh and Twelfth Hours. On the manuscript’s right-hand side the so-called etiquette shows an offering scene between Osiris and the papyrus’ owner

The treatise’s structure consists of one horizontal register. From left to right it describes the netherworld reality through a multimodal composition of visual and linguistic signs

On the manuscript’s left-hand side, the scribe presents the following scenes: The Snake of Time (Eleventh Hour), The Twelve Gods (Eleventh Hour) and Khepri and Shu (Twelfth Hour)

On the manuscript’s right-hand side, the etiquette shows the deceased, Mutregh, praising Osiris and offering him funerary supplies (source Museo Egizio Papyri, research Enrico Pozzi, Shenali Boange)

Amduat papyrus for Mutregh / Mutrudj

Length 60 cm, height 22 cm
BA 1787, Turin 16, Type BA.II.2b Niwinski
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