Papyrus of Nakht – BM EA10471

Nakht – nxt
Ranke I, pg. 209, 16

Period: 19th Dynasty
Purchased through: Sir Ernest A T Wallis Budge, 1888

Nakht was a Royal Scribe and Overseer of the Army of the Lord of both Lands

Going out in Daylight funerary papyrus
See the 22 frames in the British Museum

Further documentation on JSTOR – Note on the Nature and Date of the “Papyri” of Nakht, B.M. 10471 and 10473 by S. R. K. Glanville, The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, Vol. 13, No. 1/2 (Apr., 1927), pp. 50-56 (10 pages)

Book of the Dead papyrus of Nakht

The Brtitish Museum houses the papyrus in 22 frames.
Good photos of almost all of the frames are available on the BM’s website EA10471-1 to 22
Total length 14.3 metres, height +/- 36 cm

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Here an example of the frames in the British Museum

Fragment Book of the Dead of Nakht, EA10471