Nebhepet papyrus – Turin 1

Mebhepet nb-Hpt
Probably from Thebes, 21th Dynasty, acquisition in 1824
Ranke I, pg. 186, 3

Wab-priest, royal scribe, necropolis-scribe, scribe in the Horizon of Eternity, overseer of the young people in the Place of Truth, overseer of the works in the House of Eternity

This papyrus is now claimed by Nebhepet son of the famous Deir el-Medina scribe Butehamun. The papyrus was first made for a different person, but his name was erased and the names and titles of Nebhepet were put in its place instead. This was a common practice in this period.

The papyrus is decorated in many colours and depicts the deceased on the right-hand side adoring the gods Osiris and Isis. Following this scene are six vignettes on the top of the papyrus with text underneath them. These are spells (from right to left) to repel snakes, repel crocodiles, three vignettes related to mounds of the underworld, and a spell to sail in the bark of the sun god Re.

The right side of the papyrus concludes with a scene of four baboons guarding the lake of fire. On the left side of the papyrus, we see a depiction of the Elysian fields where Nebhepet is seen plowing, harvesting, and traveling on a river by boat. The scene is interrupted in the middle by a row of 16 demons in mummiform (source Museo Egizio Papyri, under study by Juan José Archidona Ramirez, Leiden 2022)

Book of the Dead for Nebhepet

Book of the Dead papyrus for Nebhepet
Length 282 cm, height 22 cm
BD 1768, Turin 1, Type BD.III.1a Niwinski
See Museo Egizio for additional info
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