Nesykhonsu papyrus – Luxor 2

Nesykhonsu – nsy-xnsw
Daressy A.42 – Shabtis Bab el Gasus
Also known as Neskhons, Nesikhons, Nesikhonsu, Nesikhonsou, Neschons
Ranke I, pg. 178, 20
The name means ‘The one who belongs to Khonsu’

Mistress of the house, Chantress of Amen

Amduat papyrus for Nesykhonsu

Amduat papyrus for Nesykhonsu, length 124 cm, height 24 cm
BA S.R.VII.10252, Luxor 2, City Museum J.25, on loan from Cairo Museum, Type A.III.1b Niwinski
Photo and panorama view VB 2021, (quality remarks)

I noticed that this papyrus has been decaying rapidly over the last 50 to 60 years. The Luxor Museum told me (12-2021) to investigate this as soon as possible. For the study of text and drawings it is best to use the panorama shown below compiled of the early 20th century photos of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Schott (1897-1971), now in the Schott-Archiv, Universitaet Trier, Aegyptologie. Or Piankoff’s 1957 photo, Mythological Papyri 1957, © Piankoff and Rambova, Plate 4

This panorama was created from high resolution scans made from the early 20th century photographs of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Schott. The scans are now stored in the digital Schott archive of the University in Trier, Germany. All images are courtesy © Schott-Archiv, Universitaet Trier, Aegyptology. The high resolution images can be requested at the university
Panorama view VB 2022 (quality remarks)