Pinedjem II papyrus – BD BM 10793 – 1 frame

Pinedjem II – pAy-nDmRoyal Cache (Niwinski)
Also known as Paynedjem, Pajnedjem, Pinezem, Pinudjem, Panedjem
Period c. 990 – 969 BC

Ranke I, pg. 114, 10

The British Museum website displays only 1 photo. It does include photographs for the entire work EA10793-2 to 16, but there only the papyrus scroll is shown before it is rolled out. Possibly more is known and shown in the publication by Irmtraut Munro, Der Totenbuch-Papyrus Des Hohenpriesters Pa-nedjem II : pLondon BM 10793/pCampbell 1996

Pinedjem II was the son of Menkheppera, grandson of Pinedjem I and married to his sister Isetemkheb D and his niece Nesykhonsu. His brother Tjanefer was burried in the Bab el Gasus Cache.

Book of the Dead papyrus for Pinedjem II (fragment)

Length 6.8 metres, height 34 cm
BD BM 10793 British Museum, London 63, Type: BD.I.2
Only the first frame is shown, the other frames are published by the Totenbuchprojekt Bonn, TM 134515
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