Taruma papyrus – Vienna

Taruma – tA-irw ?
(somewhere I came across the transliteration of the name on the papyrus, but I have no idea whether it is correct as it deviates considerably from the name used for this lady)
Ptolemaic period, 2e century BC
Provenance: Saqqara

The Book of Death consists of two scrolls. According to the museum, the upper scroll is the first part and a section is missing at the beginning. Taruma’s mother had a Greek name, Berenike.

BD Aeg 65, Papyrusmuseum – Österreichische Nationalbibliothek
Photo: website Papyrus Museum, 3D view of the rooms

Book of the Dead for Taruma

Length 861 cm for the two rolls together, width 32 cm
BD Aeg 65, National Bibliothek Vienna
Literature: Angelika Zdiarsky, Totenbuchhandschriften, in: Zdiarsky, A. (Hrsg.), Wege zur Unsterblichkeit. Altägyptischer Totenkult und Jenseitsglaube (Nilus 20), Wien 2013, S. 97, Kat.-Nr. 38 (descr.).
Martin Andreas Stadler, ‘Von kommunizierenden Röhren: Totenkult und Tempelkult’
Photo and panorama view VB 2022/2023 (quality remarks)  – compilation is around 5 mb