Tentimen papyrus – Paris 9

Tentimen – Tnt-imn / tA-nt-imn
Ranke I, pg. 358, 4
Aloso known as Tanetamon, Tanytamon, Tjentamon, Tjentimen
The name means ‘The servantess of Amon’
Provenance: The Thédenat Duvant collection
The papyrus was originally kept in the Cabinet des Médailles and was transferred to the Département des Manuscrits in 1856
Middle 21st Dynasty

Mistress of the house, Chantress of Amen, Musician of the choir of Mut the great, mistress of Isheru

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Book of the Dead papyrus for Tentimen

Length 317.5 cm, height 20.5 cm
BD BnF 170-173, Paris 9, Type BD.III.1a Niwinski
Bibliothèque nationale de France. Département des Manuscrits. Egyptien 170-173
Composed of photos of BnF Gallica
Panorama view VB 2023

The start of papyrus (right to left) has many similarities to the papyrus of Taudjatra (Cairo 118) from the Bab el Gasus tomb, see Cairo 118 below