Pinedjem I papyrus – Cairo 111

Pinedjem I– pAy-nDm – Royal Cache
Also known as Paynedjem, Pajnedjem, Pinezem, Pinudjem, Panedjem
Period c. 1070 to 1032 BC

Ranke I, pg. 114, 10

High priest of Amon in Thebes and later ruler from the border city Tayu-djayet (el-Hiba). Tayu-djayet marked the division of the land between the high priests of Amon in Thebes and the kings of Egypt in Tanis. During his reign he reinforced control and proclaimed himself pharaoh over the south of Egypt. His son, Psusennes I, became pharaoh in the north (Tanis). Pinedjem lived to 60 years of age. His original tomb is unknown.

BD S.R.VII.11488 – CG 40006, Cairo 111, first floor, room 24

Book of the Dead papyrus for Pinedjem I

Book of Dead for Pinedjem I, Length 444 cm, Height 37 cm
BD S.R.VII.11488 – CG 40006, Cairo 111, Type: BD.II.1 Niwinski
See also Seeber 1976, p.210; Saleh and Sourouzian 1986, No 235; Maspero 1912, No 4761 and CAIRO katalog Die Hauptwerke im Ägyptischen Museum Kairo, 1986, no. 235
Photo and panorama view VB 2021 (quality remarks)