Book of the Faiyum, Boulaq 1

The papyrus below is a fragment of a much larger papyrus namely The Book of the Fajum. It concerns the 8th section and summarises the significance of Lake Karun as the temple of Sobek of Shedet and place where the names of the most important gods are hidden. The cartouche reads, “The name of the sun god Ra, of Osiris, of Horus and of the pharaoh, is in the lake.” Source: Jan Koek (Mehen)

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NB. This papyrus had been published as “unidentified” on this site until May 2024, thanks to Jan Koek I was able to add the correct information.

Room 29
The location is not 100% certain. Probably it is in this cabinet, if not it is on the other side of this row

Fragment of The Book of the Faiyum, room 29

Length ? cm, height ? cm
Inv. no. Cairo JE 95772, CG -, Boulaq 1
See Les papyrus égyptiens du Musée de Boulaq (Band 1), Auguste Mariette, 1871, Plate 1
Photo VB 2021